Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top 11 available at pick #11

I'm not going to do a Mock Draft, instead, I've made a list of the top 11 players for the Broncos that probably [possibly] will be available when Denver is on the clock. Here they are:

#1 Mike Iupati - Guard, Idaho
Picking him at #11 may be a bit high, but Denver could trade down to get him. In reality, #11 isn't too high though, when you build a football team you start in the trenches, having a strong line is a must. Just ask Knowshon Moreno. Iupati is 6′5 & 335 pounds, he is just to perfect for the Broncos to select.

#2 Rolando McClain - LB, Alabama
All of Bronco Nation (well, 45% of the fans I've talked to) are screaming for McClain. I for one haven't really seen anything in him to make him a worthy 11th overall pick, but the man can play. He's compiled 275 tackles in just three seasons. To date, the Broncos don't have a starting MLB to play along side D.J. Williams, McClain would be a very nice compliment.

#3 Dan Williams - DL, Tennessee
In many Mocks Williams has
fallen (and oddly risen, he's all over the place), Denver signed three defensive linemen this off season, so this pick doesn't make sence. Wrong. I love the Broncos signings on the line, but be realistic; how much longer can a turning-34-year-old Jamal Williams get it done? And do you really expect Ronald Fields to be the guy? Denver could use a good DT, and Williams would fit the Broncos' 3-4 very well.

#4 Maurkice Pouncey - Guard/Center, Florida
The logic for Pounce
y is about the same as it is for Iupati, Denver needs a good Guard, and both players are versitle, had this to say of Maurkice: "Once Pouncey locks onto a defender, it's over. He has great drive and tenacity. He moves his feet well and keeps a solid base underneath him." I like that kind of player.

#5 Joe Haden - CB, Florida.
Haden may not be avaialbe at #11, but we can dare to dream. Champ Bailey's contract ends after this season, and he and Andre' Goodman are en
tering their early 30's. Last draft the Broncos selected Alphonso Smith and signed Nate Jones this offseason, but coaches are always looking to upgrade at Every position, Haden would be an upgrade. He also is a great special teamer. He could be the next shutdown corner, or just a solid one, either way, Denver could use him.

#6 Sean Weatherspoon - ILB/OLB, Missouri
Elenventh overall may seen a little high for Weatherspoon (because it is) but I'm biased, I'm a big fan of his. What he brings to the table that McClain doesn't is outstanding
playmaking ability and athleticism. He is good in blitz packages and pass coverage, he is a risk, but one I think is worth taking.

#7 Taylor Mays - S, USC
Again, I'm just a big fan. But there is some simple logic, too. The Broncos' have 3 talented safeties [Dawkins, Hill, and
McBath] but two of them are over 30, and Dawkins will slow down sometime (contrary to the belief that he Is an X-Man and will never slow down). Taylor could have an immediate impact, while learning from the best. When Hill and Dawkins are done, a McBath/Mays safety combo would be pretty wicked.

#8 Dexter McCluster - WR/RB, Mississippi
McCluster won't be picked in the first round, but he's one of the best avaible at #11 for the Broncos. He is a RB, but also a WR. IF Brandon Marshall were not to play in Denver this season (I believe he will) the Broncos could use another WR, McCluster would work. He would also be a good compliment to Moreno and Correll Buckhalter. He won't be Denver's first pick, but I could see Denver going after him.

#9 Derrick Morgan - DE, Georgia Tech
The Broncos don't hav
e a good true Defensive End, they could really use one. Most of the Broncos pass rush came from their linebackers in 2009, which is not necessarily bad, but having a down linemen rush is vital in the NFL. Morgan is one of the best Ends in the draft, he's a great pass rusher, and can stop the run, he would be a good fit for the Broncos D-line.

#10 Brandon Spikes - LB, Florida
Another linebacker, he's aggressive, and extremely athletic, he's exactly what inside 3-4 linebackers are supposed to be like. If McClain is off the board, or Spikes slips till the 2nd round, the Broncos selecting Spikes wouldn't be surprising.

#11 Tim Tebow - QB, Florida
Whine moan and groan about his trowing technique, that doesn't really bother me. His stats are off the wall, and he is a winner. Sure he's not a great pocket style NFL QB, but I believe he'll succeed in the NFL (he'll have a better career than Jimmy Clousen). If I was an NFL team I would never let Tebow fall into the 2nd round, he is too talented a player and great leader. If Tebow is going to have success as a Pro QB, he can't be drafted by a team that is looking for him to be their savior (like the Jaguars) he needs to be drafted by an well established team with a franchise QB (like the Patriots). So why do I have him as a good selection for the Broncos? 1) Denver is still looking for the next John Elway, Orton isn't and Quinn probably isn't either, Tebow could be. Sure Tewboy doesn't have the arm, but he has the skill and heart, he's been working on his throwing style, and mechanics. 2) I'm a Tebow fan, I'm biased. I believe he could thrive under McDaniels and become a big star in the NFL.

Conclusion; 7 of the 11 players are defensive players, obviously Denver needs some defensive help. Also, they need some O-line depth. I didn't notice, but 5 of the players are from Florida, that is some program they have going. I am Not a Dez Bryant fan, I like to compare him to Michael Crabtree. If you like Bryant, read this. I wouldn't be surprised to see Denver select any one of these players with the 11th pick, but I also whouldn't be surprised if Denver didn't pick any of them. Josh McDaniels may just have a plan to draft the BPA (best player available) or he may have a man crush on a random player. Nobody knows. But there are my top 11 for you, let me know in the comments section how dumb or genius I am.


Ian said...

Come on Jon, it's one thing not to like Dez Bryant, but to deny that he will be one of the top players available at #11 isn't smart =)

I wouldn't be mad with Denver picking up Bryant, Spiller, Iupati, McClain even Tate. I will be pissed if Denver picks up a defensive lineman in the first round and Pouncey... I don't know, I can see him being a dark horse for the Broncos to pick up.

This whole Dez Bryant thing reminds me of two years ago when I was screaming for Denver to pick up DeSean Jackson and instead they got Eddie Royal. Not that Royal can't emerge in his third season, I just know that Jackson put up the numbers for two consecutive seasons. I wanted Jackson in the first back then too, even more than Clady.

Marshall may or may not be in Denver next season, but if he's not, pray for Dez Bryant, because Gaffney can replace Marshall somewhat, but there's a big drop off in talent on the depth chart after that. Hopefully we get to see McKinley step up a lot more in his second season (much like Marshall).

Jon Heath said...

Dez just scares me, he's not proven, we have guys that are. But great points, thanks for the feed back.