Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ryan Clady hurts patella tendon

Sources are reporting, that Pro Bowl Left Tackle Ryan Clady has suffered a non-football related injury. An NFL source said Clady injured the patella tendon in one of his knee. LeCharles Bentley ruptured his left patellar tendon during his first practice with Browns, and never played football again. It is not yet known if Clady's injury is that serious, we are all hoping it's not!

He could have a rumored 6-week recovery period, but that's speculation. We'll update when we find out more. Wish him well on his Facebook Page.

UPDATE: It happened while he was
playing basketball, and his recovery is said to be 3 months. He has also already had surgery, on his left knee. On his Facebook page, Clady had this to say:
"Hey Fans, First i wanna say thanks to all the people concerned, Sometimes crazy thing happen like this, but i will be fine, i will be working hard to heal up as quickly as possible!"

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