Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broncos trade up: Draft Tim Tebow

After a crazy day of trades, the Broncos come out with two players, a WR, and a QB. Demaryious Thomas out of Georgia Tech, and Tim Tebow QB, out of Florida.

Both moves were controversial, but both players can contribute right away for the Broncos. Thomas is a great deep threat, and has already been compared to Brandon Marshall. Tim Tebow can come in right away and play in short yardage situations, or in the Broncos 'WildHorse' formation.

Tebow is arguably the greatest college player in the history if college football. I love the Broncos first round picks.

A note to the doubters, Josh McDaniels has confidence in Tebow, and Jon Gruden said he'll do fine. His only glitch in his throwing motion is he tips the ball down a little when he throws it, and that can be fixed. He is a winner, and a great leader, his Team First attitude is amazing.Much more info on both players will be up soon.

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