Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brandon Marshall traded to the Dolphins

The drama is over, and Marshall's career in Denver has finally ended. The Broncos traded him to the Miami Dolphins late last night. In return, Miami is giving the Broncos their 43rd overall pick in the draft, and another 2nd rounder next year. According to Adam Schefter, Marshall's new deal could be a record setting. The Broncos were not prepared to pay him big money.

Mike Shanahan drafted him in 2006, his second season in the league he surpassed 1,000 yards, and 100 catches. He would go on to have three 1,000 yard/100-catch seasons in a row for the Broncos, earning two Pro Bowl selections. Against the Colts last season, he broke the record for most catches in a game, with 21.

His stats have been solid, but his off-field activity's haven't. His been arrested, suspended from games, and been a distraction in the locker room. McDaniels even benched him and Tony Scheffler in the season finale because of their attitudes.

The Broncos better take full advantage of those draft picks, or McDaniles could be in hot water. The trade is already being criticized.

I must say when I woke up and saw this I was really shocked. Thanks for the memories B-Marsh, we wish him the best of luck in Miami. The Broncos will face the Dolphins in the 2011 regular season.

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