Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Around the web: Do dreams come true?

Last night I dreamed the Broncos traded Brandon Marshall to the Redskins. It wasn't one of those dreams when you know it's fake, it was very realistic and vivid. Only when I woke up this morning did I realize it didn't in fact happen. Although, this morning Jonathan Douglas of BroncoTalk suggested that it could in fact happen. Even Bill Williamson got into the action reporting, "that the Redskins could still make a run at Denver’s restricted free-agent receiver."

In jersey number news, Brady Quinn will be wearing ... Number 9! Apparently Jabar Gaffney Really didn't wanna give it up, or his price was to high, Or maybe Numbers aren't a big deal to Quinn. It should be noted (and was by Ian Henson) that Quinn topped Kyle Orton. His number 9 is one above 8 (Kyle's number). Should we make anything of that? No, but we do anyway. Alphonso Smith also changed his number, snatching Peyton Hillis's old #22, and four other Broncos changed theirs too.

The DenverPost's Mock Draft says Denver could use Rolando McClain, but if he's not there trading down for Florida center Maurkice Pouncey is an option. Shutdown Corner's Mock also have Denver selecting Pouncey, while has Texas' LB Sergio Kindle going at #11.

Trash Talk Alert: Jamal Williams looks forward to the chance to hit Philip Rivers. Many fans on our facebook page added that they would love a chance to as well. Who wouldn't?

Quarterback Kyle Orton has been attending the Broncos offseason program, MHR points out he's a good leader for being there. I'll add, he is a class act.

One of our favorite reporters, Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post re-watched the Broncos 2005 divisional game against the Patriots, and concluded: Things change Very quickly in the NFL.

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