Friday, April 2, 2010

Around the web: April's folly

Back in March I got a sick idea to start a trade rumor about Brandon Marshall for Phillip Rivers. I took a screenshot of ESPN's AFC West Blog, and edited the text in it using Picasa. I posted it on our Twitter page yesterday. I wasn't satisfied with that, I also posted it on our Facebook page, and on MHR and BFB. As you can imagine the rumor got many mixed reactions, about half of the comments simply read: "April Fools". Although there were some who admitted they believed it for at least a few minutes, there were also many who took it upon themselves to tell me how dumb and lame it was and I am. The story did get on, they linked back to the story, that was cool.

In other [Real] news, the Broncos 2010 Preseason Schedule is Set. They will face the Bengals and Viking on the road, with the Lions and Steelers traveling to Mile High. The Steelers game will be Nationally televised.

The Broncos recent signings please DB Andre Goodman, as well as the rest of Bronco Nation. The Broncos have had a good offseason so far.

Many fans (including me) believe Jason Elam should make the Hall Of Fame, as does Woody Paige.

Could the Broncos draft Toby Gerhart? has Denver selecting him in the second round in their mock.

Competition. It's a buzz word for every NFL team this time of year, and the feeling around Dove Valley is no different.

Mike Shanahan and the Redskins have signed Willie Parker. Parker joins former Bronco Clinton Portis and former Chief Larry Johnson.

Football season is closer than it seems, after the draft time will fly by! We're counting down the days till we get to see the Broncos run onto the field to start the 2010 season!

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