Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brandon Marshall to talk with Broncos

Bronco Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall is going to talk with Head Coach Josh McDaniels, and possibly General manager Brian Xanders. The conversation; his future. It will not be an in-person meeting, but rather a simple phone call. A few have speculated this could be McDaniels opportunity to give his best sales pitch to Marshall. Or, they may try to get him to sign his tender, so they can trade him on draft day.

The Broncos have meet with
10 WR prospects, including Dez Bryant. That could be a hint that the Broncos are trying to fill a future void on the depth chart. Thanks to Santonio Holmes though, Marshall's trade value may have dropped, Denver may just keep Brandon around for fear of not getting enough back in return for a trade.

The outcome of this phone call will be big news, we'll keep you posted.

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