Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breaking it down: Broncos 2010 Schedule

To start the 2010 NFL Season, the Broncos will travel to Jacksonville to face Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars on September 12th. It's always rough to start a season on the road, but the Broncos are used to it. The Broncos are beginning the season on the road for the 6th consecutive year (NFL's longest active streak). The Jags might not be too hard though, starting 1-0 is predicable.

In week 2, the Broncos will return home to face the Seattle Seahawks, on September 19th. One of the worst teams in '09, the Seahawks probably won't be too hard of an opponent. While they do hold the 6th overall pick in the draft, and have a new coach that will make them a better team than they were last year, starting 2-0 is very much a possibility for Denver.

In week 3 the season starts for the Broncos. On September 26th, the Indianapolis Colts will come to town. Last season Brandon Marshall's record-setting 21-catch game kept the Broncos from being blown out; this year Marshall will be in Miami. I can't think of a defense that has ever shut down Peyton Manning, and our offense isn’t exactly full of explosive players at the moment. I could very well see the Broncos starting 2010 with a 2-1 record.

In week 4, the Broncos will travel to Tennessee to face last season's league-leading rusher Chris Johnson and the Titans on October 3rd. The Titans could be a surprise team in 2010, they finished strong in 2009. I predict this to be a hard game for the Broncos, causing them to fall to 2-2.

In week 5 things don't get any better, on October 10th Denver will fly to Baltimore to face the Ravens. When the Broncos faced them in 2009, it was ugly. Very ugly. The Ravens defense knew everything the Broncos offense was going to do before they even did it. Unless Josh McDaniels prepares his team much better than he did last year--which I think he will--the Broncos could find themselves in a three game losing streak - 2-3.

In week 6 the Broncos return home to face the New York Jets on October 17th. The Jets have revamped themselves, bringing in San Antonio Holmes, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Jason Taylor among others. The Broncos defense will have to be very tough to not get run over by the Jets rushing attack, while their passing game could struggle against Darrell Revis and Antonio Cromartie. I think the Broncos will pull this one off, going to 3-3.

After a rough stretch, the Broncos will get an esier game - facing the Raiders at home on October 24th. Although, it may not be an "easier" game, the Raiders and Broncos go way back, they usually split their two meetings a-year 1 and 1, one of the games against Oakland Denver will probably lose, hopefully not this one - 4-3.

Week 8 will be a very special game. On Halloween (October 31st), the Broncos will play the San Francisco 49ers, in London! International games are always over-hyped, while very interesting. The 49ers are one of the teams still trying to put the pieces together, Denver may return to the 'States with a 5-3 record.

After returning from England, the Broncos will get a bye-week during the week 9 games.

In week 10, the Broncos will be back in action on November 14th, with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to Invesco Field. Like Oakland, the Chiefs will probably beat Denver once this year, but not at Mile High. Last year the Broncos trampled KC the first time they faced them. The Broncos season could swing good or bad depending on the outcome of this game. 6-3.

On November 22nd, in week 11, the Broncos will travel to San Diego to face the Chargers. Things are often ugly in San Diego, 6-4.

On November 28, in week 12, the Broncos will face an easier team, before a hard stretch of games. The St. Louis Rams will come to town, and although I doubt they'll be as bad as last season, I don't think they can pull off a W. The Broncos advance to 7-4.

In week 13, December 5th, the Broncos will face the Chiefs again, in Kansas. December has been a rough month for the Broncos over the past few seasons, this one looks to follow suit. In the season finale of 2009 the Broncos were embarrassed by the Chiefs, it may not be that bad this time around, but a loss at any rate. Denver falls to 7-5.

In week 14, the Broncos will travel to Arizona to face the NFC West reigning Champion Cardinals on December 12th. This game will probably be a very good one, and go down to the wire. In the 4th quarter though, I don't have a ton of faith in Kyle Orton, 7-6.

On December 19th, week 15, the Broncos will play their fifth straight road game in December, against the Raiders. Unfortunately, I gave Denver their one win against Oakland in week 7, meaning this is Oaklands game. I expect the Raiders to have a strong rushing attack, and the Broncos to fall to 7-7.

After three weeks of painful losses, Denver will return home to face the Houston Texans on December 26th, week 16. As everyone knows, the Texans are Denver South, and if that's the case, the Broncos are New England West. The Patriots are a better team than the Broncos, so Denver can win this game. 8-7.

In the season finale of 2010, the Broncos will face the San Diego Chargers on January 2nd. In a battle to make the playoffs - and perhaps win the division, the Broncos will come through. Earning a 9-7 record, a one-game better record than McDaniels first season. Though it may not be very pretty, the Broncos will make the Playoffs.

There you have my bias predictions for 2010. I know it is completely pointless to do a season/schedule preview in April, but it's fun - and it's what bloggers do. Let me know your predictions.

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