Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking it down: Marshall is a Dolphin

A fact that many fans have failed to realize is, Brandon Marshall asked to be traded. The Broncos are just honoring his wishes. Josh McDaniels wouldn't trade a player like Marshall if he didn't have a back-up plan, which he does. Here are a few reasons McDaniels let this trade go through:
  • Josh McDaniels as you all know used to coach at New England, where Jabar Gaffney used to play. When McDaniels came to Denver he signed Gaffney. In camp McDaniels released a depth chart, with Gaffney the #1 WR. Obviously he likes, and has a lot of faith in him. For good reason too, in week 16 Eddie Royal was out with an injury, and Gaffney shined, catching 7 passes for 69 yards and two scores. The next week Marshall was benched, Gaffney came through again, catching 14 balls for 213 yards. He also led the Broncos in receptions of 20+ yards last season. In 2009, Marshall caught 101 passes for 56 first downs (55.45%) while Gaffney caught 54 passes for 36 first downs (66.67%). You can't replace a athlete like Marsh, but Gaffney is very talented and can almost fill the void.

  • Gaffney is not the only WR on the roster though, Eddie Royal has skills. I've preached since his rookie debute that he runs precise routes like none other. Royal and Orton will improve in the second year with McDaniels. You can't forget the other Brandon either, Stokley is Clutch on 3rd down. There isn't a WR in the NFL that can work the slot more defined than Stokley. There are three WR's on the depth chart that can make big plays, and I haven't even mentioned the draft yet.

  • The draft is just 8 days away, and the Broncos hold the 11th, 43rd, and 45th overall picks. Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant could very well be available at #11, and there are Plenty of good WR's that will be around in the 2nd round, which is probably a better time to draft WR's. Jordan Shipley of Texas and Mardy Gilyard come to mind. The Broncos have already met with WildCat RB/WR Dexter McClulster, who could slip into the second round. There's plenty of depth at Wide Receiver in the draft, so finding a new #1 shouldn't be hard for the Broncos.
In the end, Brandon Marshall got $50 Million dollars for five years, and is flying to Miami today. If he had a hard time staying away from trouble before, being that close to South Beach with about $40 Million more than he's ever had in his pocket, it makes you wonder what could happen. Some have criticized the Broncos for getting less than a 1st rounder for Marshall, but I advise against criticizing this trade. Santonio Holmes is a former Super Bowl MVP, but after some law trouble he was traded for just a 5th round draft pick. Peter King of SI praises McDaniels and Xanders for getting that much, tweeting; "Most league people thought getting one high 2nd rounder was all they'd get."

Brandon Marshall is happy, he got his record deal, and the Broncos are happy they didn't have to give up that much money. Marshall has a lot to live up to next season, and McDaniels could be on the hot seat if this doesn't work out. I think it was a good move overall, we'll find out this fall!

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