Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking it down: Broncos Draft Day 1

Since Josh McDaniels arrived in Dove Valley, there hasn't been a dull moment. He stayed true to his reputation today in the draft, making a few shocking moves.

To start things off, at #11 the Broncos traded down with the 49ers. The Broncos got the 'Niners 13th overall pick, and a 4th rounder. With the pick San Francisco selected Rutgers' Offensive Tackle Anthony Davis. Then, when the Broncos were on the clock, they traded down Again. This time with the Eagles. Denver moved back to Philly's #24 spot, and gained two more 3rd rounders. Then, Denver traded up. The Broncos traded a 4th round pick, and the #24 spot to the Patriots to draft Demaryius Thomas with the 22nd overall pick.

After all that, most everyone assumed Denver was done for the day. The Ravens were on the clock at #25, and after stock piling draft picks, the Broncos had a few to spare. The Broncos traded a their 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder, and 4th round pick to the Ravens to draft Tim Tebow at #25 overall.

Both moves are controversial. Josh McDaniels' praise of Dez Bryant was a total smoke screen, they really wanted Thomas. After Denver kept trading down, I knew they were targeting Tebow as well. Drafting Tim Tebow in the first round, and above Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy was very controversial. I'd guess Bronco fans swing about 50/50 in the love/hate of Tebow. But before we get to all that, let's take a look at their first pick.Denver didn't hesitate in drafting Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, which means the Broncos have a lot of confidence in him. Thomas was the Yellow Jackets offense last year. Being a 6-foot-3, 224-pound receiver, he has already drawn comparisons to big playmaker Brandon Marshall. Thomas is also fast, very fast. He reportedly ran a sub 4.50 forty-yard dash. He adds a great deep threat to the Broncos WR, he has Larry Fitzgerald-type of jumping and catching abilities. His main weakness is his route running, which could use some improving - something the offseason program can probably fix. Overall, I love this pick. The Broncos needed a physical Wide Out, and they got one.
On to their second pick. The Broncos have drafted one of the best college football players ever to play the game. Whether or not his heroics will translate into the Pro's is debated. Tebow is the only college player to ever rush for 20 touchdowns and pass for 20 in the same season. If there's one thing Tebow knows how to do, it's win. He has all the intangibles coaches look for in a quarterback, and his throwing motion really isn't that bad. After a year working with Josh McDaniels, his kinks could be worked out. He can also come in and contribute for the Broncos right away, in short yardage situations - where Denver struggled last season. I expect to see the Broncos 'Wild Horse' offense much more this season. As Garrett Barnes pointed out, in order for Tebow to have success, the Broncos will have to be patient. Rushing him into the starting position is not the way to go. Coaching his technique his first year, and involving him in gadget plays is what the Broncos should do during his rookie season. Not one NFL expert can question Tebow's toughness, and athletic ability. But his non-NFL throwing motion had many believing he would fall out of the 1st round, and maybe even slip into the 3rd. He has been working on his throwing motion, and met with the Broncos a few times before the draft. Head Coach Josh McDaniels obviously fell in love with him, taking a chance by drafting him in the first, while already having Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, and Tom Brandstater on the roster. Tebow knows they took a chance on him,
"I'm going to work hard and not let them down," Tebow said. "I definitely want to repay Coach McDaniels for the faith he showed in me. I want to be a great quarterback. I want to be a great quarterback for a lot of years."
A question now is, is Tom Brandstater the odd man out in Denver? He has shown a lot of potential, and has many fans backing him. It is doubtful that Quinn or Orton are headed anywhere, so placing Brandstater on the practice squad seams like the logical answer. Although a team could sign him off the practice squad, to their active roster. The Broncos QB situation just got a whole lot more interesting! Tebow will defiantly push both Brady and Kyle to become better, I love both of Denver's draft picks.

These two picks show the direction the Broncos are headed, they are the future of the team. They are both stand up class act guys, and physical players. I love the Broncos day one selections.

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