Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Remeber the 1990's?

It is nearly mid-week, and if you are like me you'll do anything to get to the weekend. Maybe you could use a laugh? (Warning this may not be humorous to fans of the '90s.) Remember the style of the late '80s-early '90s? If you are having trouble bringing back that time period to your mind, Chris Collinsworth of NBC and Chargers' back LT can you refresh your memory.
As you can imagine those videos brought a wide verity of comments on youtube. Most of the comments on the Collinsworth video are not appropriate, but here are some from the LT Dance video: Craigipedia: is it a normal reaction to want to kill yourself and/or be killed upon watching this video?
Lionchild1978: That was painful to watch, better stick to football buddy

No one on the corner has swagger like Cris [SkinnyPost]
Tomlinson is a dancing star [ESPN]

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