Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bad predictions

Every year, for about the past 5 years the San Diego Chargers have been predicted Super Bowl favorites before football season even starts. Now if you consider that they have lost in the playoffs the past five years, one wonders why the Chargers are always "Super Bowl favorites". A team you could compare to the Chargers is the Cowboys. Or even better - compare Tony Romo to Philip Rivers. Both are great quarterbacks, both post big regular season numbers, and both choke in the post season. Tony Romo is about as good as David Carr when it comes crunch time. So my question is, if the Chargers are so good, why haven't they made it to the big one yet? And is Romo's time in Dallas up? What do you think?

Congrats to the Vikings and Jets on their wins today, and of course I'm bias, I'm a Bronco fan what did you expect?
[Jets upset Chargers to advance to AFC title game]
[Vikings dominate Cowboys, play Saints next in NFC Championship Game]

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