Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogger Blitz part 3 of 4

After the 2009 season, it is obvious the Broncos have some issues to deal with. So I've contacted some other Bronco fan bloggers to get their opinions on the "issues." Today we have Bryan Douglass of BroncosStable, Steve O’Reilly of the Skinny Post, and Garrett Barnes of BroncoMadness. Although it is to early for draft talk, I asked the guys what their "Dream draft" would look like. Here's what the guys think:

Garrett: 1: Rolando McClain, LB, Albama. Getting a defensive end or an Offensive Guard here would be good too, but McClain can play any 3-4 linebacker position and has the most impressive physical skill, of all the linebackers in this years class.

2: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno St. I know that drafting a running back this early is weird, but we need somebody who can add a bit more pop to the running game. A set of fresh legs per se.

3. Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St. Almost no one has heard of him, but he is the most underrated 5 technique defensive end in the draft. He could contribute immediately and maybe even start in a year or two. McDaniels/Nolan need to take a look at him at the very least!

4. Danario Alexander, WR, Mizzou. Alexander is a talented, big body receiver at 6-5 and over 200 pounds. A lot of pundits have us drafting him in the 3rd round, but it is likely he will slip into the 4th. If we choose to axe Marshall, we should pick him.

6. Vince Oghobasse, DT, Duke. Some projected him as a first rounder earlier this year, but his stock has dropped so low, that unless he is able to make some real noise at the combine, he will be a very late round pick.

7. Reggie Stpehens, OG, Iowa St. He's big, he's raw and could be a good fit for the new power blocking scheme. I doubt he would ever start, but would provide good depth.

Bryan: Since I have Scaife laid into the roster from the free agency prognostication above, I'd hope to see the Broncos addressing the defensive line, the receiving corps, or adding one particular talent of note in the defensive backfield. This year's draft is rich in commodities for the defensive front and I'd happily affirm faith in selections like Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma, Jared Odrick out of Penn State, or Marvin Ustin out of North Carolina (if you go defense in the late rounds). There are some amazing receivers in the draft as well (this position has been flowing great impact players into the league in recent years). Wouldn't complain if the Broncos found a way to wrap their arms around Golden Tate out of Notre Dame, but I think Dezmon Briscoe out of Kansas (NFL size and burst down the sideline) is a serious candidate that could be had late in the process.

I have a personal affinity for Taylor Mays, safety out of USC... I doubt that happens, but he'd be an OUTSTANDING running mate for Dawkins. As an offensive line guy I would also hope to see the Broncos looking at Mike Johnson, offensive guard out of Alabama (one of the more underrated commodities in this year's draft... guards never get their due in this process, and it's a definitive need for Denver).

Steve: Not to be lemming but that is a question that you can't really answer at this time. Free Agency always dictates the Draft. For example, if Denver goes out and signs someone at a certain position than that same position will no longer be a need in the draft.

Instead I will give you the needs that Denver has and if it isn't addressed either via trade or Free Agency than we can target some players in the draft.
1. 5 Technique Defensive End. K. Peterson is serviceable but not spectacular and McBean was invisible in the second half of the season. Denver needs to find a 5 Tech. who can stuff the run and get after the passer. The DE from TCU, Hughes would be a great fit here.
2. Inside Linebacker - A. Davis is a great leader but is getting long in the tooth. I would love to see Rolando McLain taken by the Broncos. He is player!
3. Cornerback - Even though the great Champ Bailey is still playing at a high level and Andre Goodman was very good for Denver the fact remains that they are old. Both are over 30 and we need to start planning for the future. Alphonso Smith will be a good CB in the future and I think it's important to start preparing for that sooner rather than later. I wouldn't use an early pick on that position but if they do Joe Hayden from Florida would be a good choice.
4. Offensive Line (Guards) - Denver needs to beef up the O-Line to employ the running style that McCoy and McDaniels are familiar with and like to use. While in Carolina, McCoy had big Guards, both over 320. As Denver moves away from the Zone Blocking scheme they will need to get players who fit what they are trying to do.
5. Quarteback - In the NFL you have to have the "hard conversations" and one that the Broncos will have this offseason is the same that Shanahan had in 2005. "Can we win a Super Bowl with this guy?" Right now I don't know if Orton is a Super Bowl Caliber QB. He is a good player but not exceptional by any means. It wouldn't surprise me at all if with the 10th pick the Broncos select a signal caller that McDaniels can role with for years to come. If Sam Bradford works out well in the Combine and has recovered from his injury he could move up the charts. Right now I have seem him go somewhere between Mid to late 1st Round.
6. Safety - Same as the Cornerback issue, age! The Broncos have over 30 something Safeties and could really use some youth. Two guys jump out at me, Taylor Mays who is built like a house but runs like a Ferrari and Eric Berry is an awesome football player. Both would be stellar additions.
7. Wide Receiver - This all depends on Brandon Marshall. If he stays it's not a need, if he goes it is. It's that simple.
8. Running Back - Knowshon Moreno will be a special back in the NFL and I am very happy that he was selected by Denver last year. With that said, Denver needs a bruiser. I think we all are very shocked that Peyton Hillis wasn't used in this capacity in 2009 but the fact is he wasn't. He is capable to pick up the short yardage and those yardage situations were a bugaboo for Denver. If a guy like Hardesty from Tennessee or the back from Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer were to fall to the 3rd round I would pounce on them in a heartbeat. Paired with Moreno either would be a great 1-2 Punch for years to come.
My Take: Rolando McClain and Taylor Mays are obvious favorites. It's clear McDaniels should address the defensive side of the ball, but I'm not sure he will, given his draft history.

This is part three of a four part series so check back for more! The Zone thanks the guys for their time, they are all great guys and have great sites be sure to check 'em out!

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