Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogger Blitz

This past week I contacted a few fellow Bronco fan bloggers. I've asked them to share their opinions on some of the Broncos big issues. Today Bryan Douglass of BroncosStalbe, and Steve O’Reilly of Skinny Post dish out there thoughts on the Broncos 2010 Free Agents, particularly Kyle Orton. This is part one of a four part series, so check back for more from Steve, Bryan and others!

Bryan:Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Marshall, Kyle Orton, Tony Scheffler, Ben Hamilton, Chris Kuper... all of those guys are set for free agency, and I tend to believe all but two will be gone. That's a simple reality of the salary cap... the Broncos will be giving Elvis his due, and then you have a decision to make. Scheffler is gone and (I would hope and pray) could be replaced via free agency with local-boy-made-good Bo Scaife if they wanted to spread funds there. Hamilton and Kuper are likely to go and could potentially be replaced with funds spent on Jahri Evans, Logan Mankins (this would be a cap-killing move, so don't jump to conclusions about the New England ties), or Eugene Amano. If you choose to let Marshall ride financing could be turned to another local product in Vincent Jackson (again, a hard hit in the wallet).
If you want to do any of those... if you think any of those scenarios strike as appealing (I believe they represent the best available in free agency, short of offering the farm to Vince Wilfork)... you have a serious question to answer in the name you mentioned. What will it take to bring Orton back, and what does this decision allow you to do moving forward?
I'd swing it this way. If I'm Kyle Orton, coming off of this season, would you consider taking a mild hit in the paycheck to stay, to continue the journey, and to put a full effort in becoming the passer Josh McDaniels believes you can be (I assume he believes this... he said he believes this in response to the trade, so that's fair)? If I were Pat Bowlen I'd remind Kyle that he just came off his best season as a professional quarterback and he is just getting started. To be objective, Orton is reaching the prime of the traditional quarterback career. He's not a kid and it would be fair to question if a move is really in his best interest.
I'd bring Orton back on a two-year deal with a team option on the third offering good - not great - money, give the proper wheel-barrel bank drop to Elvis, and consider using the remains on at least one of the players mentioned above (my vote is for Scaife).
And yes, it may be an uncapped season... but I'd suggest this isn't likely to motivate a change in operation for Bowlen (most teams will cut spending and Bowlen can be a hero by holding steady... he's a successful sports owner and business man for a reason).

Steve: I believe Kyle Orton will remain the Broncos starting QB heading into 2010. I do see a scenario however where McDaniels will draft someone to eventually take over that position. However, retaining Orton in a cost efficient manner is probably going to happen. DJ Williams may be looking for more money than he is worth. He is a tackling machine but rare are the Sacks and INT's that other LB's provide. Without question I would definitely sign Elvis Dumervil who may see the Franchise Tag. Brandon Marshall remains a wild card but if it were up to me he would definitely stay in Denver. Ben Hamilton has played his last down in Denver as has Tony Scheffler.
Back to Orton, here is the thing about Orton...he is not a bad Quarterback, not at all! For some reason however it did appear that McDaniels limited the offensive playcalling. That blame doesn't fall on Orton. Two things that were apparent to me were 1. An obvious lack of deep pass plays 2. Most WR's caught the ball in a stopped position. Rarely, although it did occur, did you see Orton hitting a WR in stride on the move. Most of his completions were hitches or hook routes where the Wide Out was a "sitting target". It became more and more apparent that McDaniels wanted a game manager and not a game breaker. He limited the throws to limit the turnovers but in turn limited the big plays.
I have spoken to Defensive players, some were Defensive Backs, who played against the Broncos in 2009 and they specifically told me that in team meetings in the week leading up to the game, Defensive coaches told them that Denver is unwilling to go deep so in turn, keep everything in front of you and read and react to the WR's. If they stop and turn, jump the route. One told me it was actually a relief because his thinking was Brandon Marshall is a monster to cover on deep balls so he was glad that Denver didn't utilize that skill set.

My Take: Everyone agrees, that Elvis (who finished 3rd in Defensive Player of the Year voting), should get the money he deserves, and Kyle Orton will be around for at least one more year. I'd like to thank both the guys for dropping by the Zone, and remind you all to check back because more is coming!


wade swanton said...

No problem giving Elvis his due, but with an 8/8 record. With reward should also be losses. Some that did not perform should have something taken away. I don't believe in the give and give system. That being the case do the TD dance after you fumble or throw a pick.

Dave Thyfault said...

No need to tell me how dumb I am. I have heard it all before. However, I am a professional negotiator and I look at things other than how well a player has been. In the Elvis case, he is currently more valuable on the trading block than he is on the field. The Broncs can get two very good picks for him and use the salary savings to secure Kuper and at least one other free agent. That is a four to one payoff. Elvis will never be worth more than he is now. New England seems to be the only team that understands that some players have more value on the trading block. See last year's draft and the Seymore trade.

Jon Krause said...

You're not dumb Dave, you're right, he's worth a Ton right now. But still rather keep him.