Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey Rookie!

The goal of every NFL Football team is to get to, and win the Super Bowl. It is not an NFL's team goal to have good regular season stats, and have a great Rookie that makes the Pro Bowl. If I'm mistaken please tell me. The Minnasota Vikings' Percy Harvin is the Rookie of the Year, but he hasn't really helped out in the playoffs yet. While 4 of the 5 players up for the Diet Pepsi ROY over at are not even in the playoffs. In my opinion a great Rookie is not a player who puts up good numbers early in the season then tanks late in the year (e.g. Knowshon Moreno or Michael Oher). So I'm going to share with you my three best rookies of 2009. The rules; Must be contributing in the playoffs, and cannot have won any Rookie awards. Here they are! In the 2009 regular season the Vikings Right Tackel Phil Loadholt started 15 games as a rookie, allowing 6 sacks (compare to Ryan Clady's 6.5 or Michael Oher's 8). While protecting Favre who threw 34 touchdowns, and blocking for Adrian Peterson who rushed for 1,383 yards and 18 touchdowns. Yet this is probably the first time you've heard his name. He is one of the three.

While 3rd on the Colts WR depth chart in 2009, Austin Collie caught 60 passes for 676 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was a huge part of the Colt's offense. As a rookie Jerry Rice caught 3 touchdowns, Percy Harvin caught 6. Austin is a perfect fit for the Colts offense, and is helping in the Colt's passing game. One would think Collie is a obvious ROY candidate, he made our list.

Shonn Greene rushed for 540 yards and scored 2 touchdowns in 2009, while starting in no games. His numbers are not huge, but he made the list because he has really helped the Jets down the stretch and leads all 'backs in rushing yards this post-season. Greene has a bright future ahead of him.


Deshawn Zombie said...

Collie is definitely underrated, and had a nice season. Good picks.

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