Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Denver Broncos audio

FM 104.3 THE FAN is a Denver Sports Radio show, this week they've had Champ Bailey, Andra Davis, Brandon Marshall, and Darrell Reid on the show. If you missed it they put up archives. They also have Josh McDaniels season ending press conference.

Listen to Darrell Reid on the show by clicking here!
Darrell Reid joins the guys at THE FAN for a Great interview.

Listen to Champ Bailey, go here!
Champ Bailey says that Brandon Marshall should have been punished. And he says a player should not get special treatment because he is a star.

Listen to Andra Davis, go clicking here.
Andra joins THE FAN and talks about his first year with the Denver Broncos.

Click here to listen to Brandon Marshall!
Marshall defends himself, and gives his story about why he was benched. He also states that he has the greatest respect for Josh McDaniels and "Mr. B."

Go here to listen to Josh McDaniels' season ending press conference. McDaniels talks about the Broncos
2009 season, and answers questions from the press.

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