Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebrating 50 Years Of Broncos Football, Fact #47

Champ Bailey will go down in Broncos history as the greatest cornerback to ever play for the club. He is a shoo-in for the Hall Of Fame as well. In Canton Ohio he'll be enshrined into the HOF as "Champ Bailey". This is nothing new, so what's the catch? His real name: Roland Bailey. Another Bronco that may end up the Broncos Ring of fame, D.J. Williams. His real name: Genos Derwin Williams, Jr. Just some fun facts I thought you might enjoy. Have a good week Bronco fans.

We were originally going to do 50 fun facts throughout the Broncos 50th season, but we fell behind, and the Broncos didn't make the playoffs. We only made it to about 39 facts, so over the next few days we'll be catching up.

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