Friday, January 8, 2010

Comparing Bailey to the others

Twitter follower @thomyi tweeted me asking how Champ Bailey stacked with the other conerbacks in 2009. So I checked out some stats. To find:

Only 3 cornerbacks had more total tackles in 2009 than Champ Bailey. To go along with that, Bailey wasn't scored on once in 2009 although he was targeted 98 times. No other player in the NFL who were targeted more than 80 times gave up less than 2 touchdowns. [Via] As far as interceptions go, Bailey was not near the top in 2009, only recording 3. A hand full of corners snatched up 5 picks this season, but Asante Samuel stuck out, recording 9. A common list of the top 5 Corners in 2009 would look something like: #1 Asante Samuel, #2 Darrelle Revis, #3 Charles Woodson, #4 Leon Hall, and #5 would be a toss up between Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Sheldon Brown, and Cortland Finnegan. In 2009, Champ Bailey didn't make the cut as a top 5 NFL conerback statistically. It's not really fair to judge Bailey by his interceptions, as most quarterbacks (Save Tony Romo) will throw to the side of the field that Bailey is not on. This year Bailey's statistics are not off the charts, but here is how he stacks up over the past 5 years with the other "Shutdown Corners" in the NFL.
(It should be noted Champ only played 9 games last year.)


Anonymous said...

Bailey did seem to get beaten on big plays more often this season than others in recent memory, but his value to the Broncos is as high as it has always been. He's one of the best tacklers on the team, is always in on the play and he single-handedly sealed the Cowboys win for us. Didn't he have a game turning pick in the redzone of the Patriots game as well? (I can't remember exactly because i was at that game...and hammered.)

Other corners, such as DRC, take huge risks and rely on their athleticism to bail them out. Champ may not have those skills as much anymore, but a smarter and more consistent cornerback, there are few.

Jon Krause said...

I don't think there is a smarter Corner than Champ.