Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Draft pick and Opponents announced

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears both finished the season 7-9. And the Bears' 2010 draft pick belongs to the Denver Broncos [via the Cutler trade]. To determine who will get the 10th pick, the Broncos and Jaguars will do a coin flip. One team will get the 10th, the other the 11th pick. Either way they are both nice high picks.

Also, the Broncos 2010 opponents have been have been announced as well. At home the Broncos will face; Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Seattle, N.Y. Jets, and away; Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Arizona, San Francisco, and Baltimore.

The 2010 schedule looks easier on paper than our 2009 schedule, and a 10th or 11th Draft pick are pretty exciting. Much optimism entering 2010 for the Denver Broncos.

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