Friday, January 1, 2010

Marshall, Scheffler benched for Sunday's game

Brandon Marshall hurt his hamstring in practice this week, and did not practice yesterday. Today Head Coach Josh McDaniels said that Marshall will not dress for Sunday's game, and that it is not injury related. "It will be a coaching decision,there's a number of factors that go into that.There's a lot of players that play with things that are more difficult to play with than what he has." Yet while McDaniels is saying that Marshall comes out and states: "I don't think coach ever played in the NFL, so for my hamstring to be feeling the way it felt, it's tough for me to go out there and expect to play at a high level," Marshall said. "So, I have battled through a lot of injuries before. I played last year with a tear in my hip, so I don't think my toughness is in question here." Tony Scheffler will also be inactive Sunday, Coach McDaniels said the reason was Tony's attitude. The fourth year Tight End has not been happy all year with his reduced role in the offense, that probably played a role in his "attitude" problems. One would also wonder if perhaps Scheffler questioned McDaniels decision about Marshall, and in the process got himself benched. At any rate this is all ridiculous. The rookie Head Coach seems to think he has to prove he is the Top Dog in Denver, I would have thought trading Jay Cutler was enough to prove that. This thins down the Broncos receivers even more, as Eddie Royal is a game time decision. But I'm confident the Broncos passing game will be alright, we saw last week the skill Jabar Gaffney has, Brandon Stokley is always clutch, and Brandon Lloyd was impressive as well.

Many are wondering if Tony and Brandon have played their last games for the Broncos, let us all hope not.

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HeatherFL said...

I don't get it. After a very apprehensive beginning...every time this season I think McDaniels is an ok guy something happens and he looks like he is just all about pissing contests - to the detriment of team morale.