Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The worst game ever

This Monday was the saddest one I've had in a long time. In the Broncos and Pat's game everything went wrong. First Jay Cutler broke his index finger (those are early reports, it may just be a little messed up) and he had a hard time passing getting 2 INT's, and 1 TD. The Pat Rat game in later in the game and he also had a pic. We in all have 5 turn-overs. Our 'D' was very sad, but we did get 6 sacks! We also had more penalties than I have seen before. We must have set a record. I will not even tell you the score, but the Broncos and 4-3. At least it was not a shut-out. (photo below ap) The Pat Rat get's hit as the ball goes into the air, it was then caught by one of NE's 'D' linemen.
(ap photo) Below Jay Cutler hold his finger after smashing it on a helmet.

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