Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Darrell coming back, yet Again

Patrick Ramsey, Boss Bailey, and Eric Pears all out for the season, so on Monday some signings are expected including the signing of Darrell Hackney who has been in and off our practice squad for it seems like years, but really not all too long. I'm actually glad - mean as it sounds, that "The Pat Rat" is on IR, because I think even though he is younger and not as experienced, that D-Hack is better and calmer in the pocket. He's really not a bad QB. Many rumors of a WR, that we'll sign and I expect that it will happen, but I won't get into him, until he's signed. The one thing that make's me love Hack is his running abilaty - which you can see here. He also has a pretty arm - as seen here.

(Getty Images, Hackney #4)

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