Monday, October 27, 2008

The AFC West and The Broncos Problem...

By Garrett Barnes
So, it is my first ever blog post here at Broncos Zone thanks to my pal Jon Krause over here. As you probably know I am the lead blogger over at Bronco Madness but I am here to share my wisdom. Or whatever you call it. Really, you might think I am some old crackpot who doesn't know anything of football once you are done here. That is not my goal though.

Let's turn back the clock a bit to the beginning of the 2007 season. The AFC West may have been one of the most powerful divisions in recent history. We had the Chargers who were at the time Super Bowl contenders. The Broncos were favorites to win the wild card. The Chiefs were coming off of a playoff run. Even the Raiders were much improved.

Now here we are, at the halfway point in the 2008 season. Guess what? We are the WORST division in the NFL. The Broncos right now might be the most vulnerable division leader. They might be more if there was anybody who could seem to play behind them! The Chargers are 3-5 and they are the second best in the league. Now mind you, this was the same team that everyone thought would win the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs have won only one game and the Raiders have won only 2. So what is the problem in the division? Nobody wants it! I don't care what you think. Nobody does. If they wanted it, the Broncos would be 6-1 not 4-3! The Chargers if they wanted (and Shawne Merriman was not injured) would be undefeated! I think that the Chiefs want it. They just aren't good enough.

The Broncos at this rate will win the AFC West. I wish I could say how excited I am about it but the facts are we will not win it by how good we are but how bad everyone else is. This is one of those years where we could end up 8-8 (my guess is 9-7) and still win the division! Really, if everyone else keeps playing this poorly, we could win at 7-9!

I could be over reacting. We just played 3 straight playoff teams from last year. We could end up having a 12-4 record if we play like we did in September. This is a great team and it would be a shame to make the playoffs but not deserve it really. The rest of the AFC West is absolutely horrendous. I can only hope that the Broncos are not...
Garrett Barnes is Broncos Zone Co Blogger, he is also the Editor, Administrator, and lead Bronco Madness blogger.

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Jon Krause said...

Great post G, I agree, but I think we we'll at least be 11-5, and grab the division. Though I am hoping for 12-4 (which I predicted).