Sunday, October 5, 2008

Broncos 'D' plays better-Denver edge Bucs

It was a great game! Don't got much time, but I'll give you a quick overview. Jay Cutler had 1 TD pass, and Matt Pratter had a couple field goals. And our 'D' played the best it has all year. With a pic, and 3 sacks. Champ Bailey injured Griese on a DB blitz! And Jeff came in and led the Bucs to their first TD. I'll try to get more up here later. In other news, Oakland had it's bye this week (luckily for them) the Chiefs were KILLED by the Panthers, and the Bolts lost to the Dolphins! The Broncos have a good grasp on the AFC West for now. The Broncos inproved to 4-1 this week, and next week they'll stay at home to face the Jags as a double-header on CBS. Cool week in the NFL this week. Stick around-more coming...
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Here's some videos from the game: Jay Cutler highlights Brian Griese hurt

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