Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some quick updates....

As you may have heard Eddie Royal hurt his ankle in Sundays game, but after X-rays he seems to be fine. He could miss like a week but that's good compared to the possible of Tony Scheffler. Tony had a strained groin injury, and it has been noted as seaseon threatining-or just a few weeks. We all hope he can get back soon-he would be a huge loss for Jay. Also IR player Ryan Torain could be back at practice by next week. I can he can help out with Tony gone is recently singed TE Chad Mustard. Chad was signed this past week (sorry I did not get that uo) and is expected to see some playing time. In other news our kicker who has done every thing he had needed to do since the loss of Jason Elam to not only get on fans (and coaches) good sides, but also has become an unlikly fan favorite! (photo nfl.com profile picture-Matt Prater)Matt Prater who has gone 12-13 on field goals this season with a long of 56 yards will be named AFC West Special Teams Player of the Week for games played during the fifth week of the 2008 season. The NFL told that to the Broncos on Tuesday. This is the first of such awards for Prater in his 3-year career. Prater also had 4 of his 5 kick offs on Sunday go for touchbacks!

Also Hamza Abdullah has been signed by the Browns (as if anybody cares). I had to put that up because it's Bronco related. In somewhat bigger news-the Broncos (Mike Shanahan) are (is) thinking about moving 2007 first-round draft pick DE Jarvis Moss to OLB. A move that I strongly approve-and have longed for. With Denver doing a new affective 3-4 defense we are missing a steady 4th LB. Boss, Nate, and especially D.J. are very good at getting the job done. But Jamie though I hate to say needs to stick to special teams. I really do like that guy, but we have better players to play that spot. Niko can't play it because he plays MLB, not OLB. Moss acts and thinks, looks, and plays like a linebacker so it would make perfect sense to move him there. Coach Shanny said that he thinks they could move Jarvis Moss to OLB in Denvers 3-4 'D', and also said: "We have the ability to do some things with Jarvis we haven't done in the past..."

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