Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the Market for Kyle Orton?

There is no doubt that now Kyle Orton is being heavily shopped right now by the Broncos. It seems right now like it will be a matter of when Orton will be traded and not if, anymore. This brings the question, what is the market for Orton like right now?

From what we can tell right now, all reports are pointing to the Broncos accepting nothing under a third round pick. This shows that there must be interest from a number of teams, which is easy to believe knowing how many QB-needy teams there are out there.

I originally pegged him going for a third or a fourth round pick but I'm beginning to feel that this may go up. So far what we've heard is that there are offers on the table from both the Cardinals and the Dolphins. Tennessee has also been reported to have shown interest. (But with Hasselbeck leaving, that seems less likely.)

With this kind of competition though, his market value is sure to raise. What I would expect now is a conditional trade: A third at the least, if he throws 20+ touchdowns a third and a fourth, if he throws 20+ touchdowns and starts 16 games a second.

That is what we can currently predict the Broncos are aiming for, so there may be a longer negotiation process that could span the next two days. (The Dolphins are supposedly closer to reaching a deal according to a number of sources.)

So now, Orton could decide the market for the rest of league when it comes to trading away Quarterbacks. If Orton goes for anything higher than a third, Kevin Kolbs' value could catapult to even more than a first round pick. Good news for everyone, as it looks like Orton could be traded for some good value.

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