Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dante Rosario Signs w/ Broncos

Reportedly, former Panthers Tight End Dante Rosario has signed with the Denver Broncos. Rosario played for John Fox in Carolina, and comes to the Broncos as without a doubt their most talented receiving Tight End.

He will come to Denver for a physical tonight, and if it is successful he will become the Broncos newest Free Agent pickup.

This is the Broncos third Free Agent acquisition surprisingly all of them on offense, including RB Willis McGahee, WR David Anderson and now, Dante Rosario.


fredman80 said...

i like the move. hes a nice hybrid. better than gronkowski. but im intrigued. virgil, juliuos thomas, quinn, gronkowski, and rosario. two tight end set right? that means three will make the roster? it just got real at the tight end position.

Jon Heath said...

Fox actually runs some 3-TE sets (Fells may also see time as a FB too, BTW) so the team will probably carry 4 TE's. There will be some hard cuts at the position. I expect Richard Quinn is gone. Gronkowski is in danger as well. One of those two I think will see the door (if not both).