Monday, July 25, 2011

Broncos Sign Duo of Wide Receivers

It is reported that Mark Dell, WR, Michigan St. and Marshall Williams, WR, Wake Forest will be signing with the Denver Broncos. This is being reported by @NFLDraftInsider and @NEPatriotsDraft, respectively.

Scouting Report: You always see plenty of Wide Receivers' join as UDFA's because there are so many open spots for them on a roster. The Broncos continue this trend with the signing of Dell and Williams. Two solid signings in the UDFA class.

Mark Dell brings sub-par speed to the table but more than makes up for it with fantastic, sharp routes and solid hands. One of the reasons I liked him in the draft is because he could be a pro-ready contributer. That gives him an extra edge in his attempt to make the Broncos final roster, or at least the practice squad. That said, he does carry potential character-issues, something that had him drop in the draft.

As for Marshall Williams, his reasoning for falling out of the draft was production. That always seems to be a problem for Wake Forest wide receivers, and he is no different. But that's not to say he lacks talent. Williams is an interesting deep threat type prospect who is quick but also has a big body. This rare combo will make him hard to ignore in the Broncos training camp.

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