Monday, July 25, 2011

Brandon Bing Signs w/ Broncos

In case you weren't totally sure the lockout was over, here's proof: Brandon Bing, CB, Rutgers has signed with the Denver Broncos. Bing marks the beginning of the UDFA Signing Period for the Broncos. (UDFA means Undrafted Free Agent; but if you couldn't figure that out, why are you even on this site?)

Scouting Report: You probably haven't heard of Brandon Bing, and I honestly hadn't paid much attention to him other than being a counter-part to Safety Joe Lefeged. Here is what I do know about him: First of all, he's fast. That must have appealed to EFX, as I remember that being his most notable trait. I believe he ran about a 4.35 in the combine, but his on the field play didn't stand out enough to get him drafted.

His size also had an impact on his draftability (and yes, that is a made up word by us draftniks). 5'9, as we all know isn't exactly tall for a Cornerback, and he'll struggle in man-on-man coverage. At the end of the day, Bings' biggest bonus is his return ability, which should surely be a competitive position on the Broncos.

I look forward to seeing him in camp, but honestly, I find it unlikely that Bing makes the team unless he shows he is the best returner on this team. Which he may just be.

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