Monday, July 25, 2011

Chris Harris to Sign with Broncos?

It has not been confirmed by any news sources, but Chris Harris, CB, Kansas just tweeted in caps: DENVER BRONCOS after The Denver Post said he was going to be flying to Denver tomorrow. Therefore, we will operate as if he is signing with the Broncos. And because of that, you get a scouting report.

Scouting Report: Chris Harris is a versatile player who could play Cornerback in the NFL but may be an even more natural Safety. In that regard, he is the classic tweener.

He was plenty productive with the Jayhawks, and was considered an incredibly solid tackler for Kansas. He has lots of power behind his hits and good technique on top of that. That said, he doesn't have great ball skills nothing up only 3 interceptions in college.

I like him a lot as a special teams player, but I don't see him doing much more than that. Maybe a nickel-back? But even then I feel like his lack of speed wouldn't help him in zone coverage. Interesting signing... If it's a signing.


Anonymous said...

Chris Harris ran an official 4.4 at his pro day; finished his KU career as second all time leading tackler.

Anonymous said...

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Larry MaGee said...

What idiot wrote this blog? a 4.4- 40 is plenty fast for a corner or safety. Sounds like this author has never played a down of football in his or her life. Also if you haven't notice, defensive footbal does require tackling. Interceptions are often variable, such as the quality of a defense's pass rush, how often a QB decides to pass in a certain direction & etc THis comment probably doesn't get approved by the author. A great blogger takes good & bad criticism.