Monday, July 25, 2011

Broncos UDFA Signings: Day 1

It's been a long few hours now of seemingly non-stop UDFA signings. Here is a composite list of all the players that have had their names linked with the Broncos. Click on the link and read the scouting reports also.

Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn
Patrick Hill, FB, Miami
Mark Dell, WR, Michigan St.
Marshall Williams, WR, Wake Forest
Curt Porter, OT, Jacksonville St.
Bryant Browning, OG, Ohio State
Colby Whitlock, DL, Texas Tech
Deron Mayo, LB, Old Dominion
Brandon Bing, CB, Rutgers
James Rogers, CB, Michigan
Chris Harris, S, Kansas

There will surely be more coming, and we will be here covering it for the next day. Go Broncos!

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