Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around the web: Brandon Marshall

Yesterday the Broncos gave Champ Bailey a $3 million roster bonus. The Broncos also handed out bonuses to; Running back Knowshon Moreno ($3.775 million), linebacker D.J. Williams ($3 million) and receiver Brandon Stokley ($500,000).

Today, rumors started that the Jets Might be interested in Brandon Marshall. Really? A season after they traded for Braylon Edwards?

From what I've heard Jet fans are not found of Brandon, they went as far as to calling him a "scumbag". Hey, of New York doesn't want him, I know a lot of people in Denver who do.

So far in his young career Brandon Marshall has seen and done it all, save a Championship or a Post Season win. Steve O'Reilly of the Skinny Post believes that Marshall has turned the corner with his maturity and is often misunderstood.

Maybe it would be better for all concerned if Marshall got a fresh start elsewhere else. That's the Broncos' call now. This is a link from the Denver Post, written by Dave Krieger.

When asked if the Fins should go after Marshall, former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas stated, "Yes, do it now before anybody else changes their mind.'' Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald, asks' Thomas: "Are you crazy?" To date, New York, Cincinnati, Seattle, and Dolphin fans have all rejected Brandon. I'd sure love to keep him around.

There's not much anything to talk about in Bronco land these days - save Brandon Marshall. The eerie silence is making me uneasy. Either I've forgotten how slow and boring the off-season is, Or, something big is coming, and we are in the calm before the storm. We'll keep you posted.

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