Friday, March 5, 2010

Marshall to Seattle = Clausen to Denver?

Here are my thoughts on this deal.

IF, and I say if, Brandon does leave the Mile High City for the Pacific North West and the Broncos do get Seattle’s 1st round pick (#6 overall) I believe that Clausen would be headed for Denver. Clausen has been in a pro style system for his entire college career at Notre Dame under Charlie Weis, who, if you remember, tutored Josh McDaniels during his time in New England.

Jimmy Clausen (6’3, 223lbs), is one of the very limited quarterbacks used to a pro-style offense in this year's draft is coming off a good year, statistics-wise, but there are concerns of his leadership abilities, which Jimmy shrugs off.
“Some people say I’m cocky, I’m arrogant and I’m not a good leader, I’m not a good teammate. I think the people that are out there saying those things don’t know me as a person,” said Clausen. “That’s why I was so excited to come here and talk to all the coaches and the GMs and the owners so they get a feel for me as a person.”
Would Clausen Fit With The Broncos?

At Notre Dame, Clausen played in a system that combined a pro-style offense with that of a west-coast under Coach Charlie Weis. Owner Pat Bowlen has made it known that he wants a QB that can be our QB of the next 10 years which Orton is not. Additionally, Denver needs a QB who can play in the elements of Denver which Clausen can and in front of a huge audience. He also seems confident and eager to prove himself in the NFL.

Why Not Draft Clausen?

For Broncos fans, another first round QB may spell disaster, which is the only reason I believe the Broncos won't select a risky top-10 pick with a QB. But Clausen has improved his stats in each season at Notre Dame, and can be a solid backup for a season to learn the system.

This is all speculation, and I know each team gets 60 personal interviews, but this in this football age where you can't win without a franchise quarterback, is Jimmy Clausen a good fit for the Broncos, who haven't had a solid QB under center since John Elway?

Other Options?

If Denver doesn’t feel like Clause is their man and would rather have McCoy out of Texas in a later round, then they could always package the #6 and #11 and potentially move up to get one of the top two DL in the draft in Ndamukong Suh out of Nebraska or Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma.

Denver could also take Clausen with pick #6 and use pick #11 to take Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State and have a GREAT passing and receiving threat for the next 10 years and possibly a couple of more championships. Although I don't think Mr. B would give Coach McD his check book for those two.

Another thought is that Denver could use Seattle’s #6 pick to get Clausen and trade their #11 pick to stockpile picks in later rounds.

Bottom line is that if I’m the brass at Dove Valley, as much as I like Brandon for his on the field talents, this may be too good of a deal to pass up and opens up a TON of possibilities to fill holes on our team.

As always, I welcome your thoughts.



bboncosfan88 said...

I would HATE to see Marshall leave! But, it would be nice to see more balls thrown to Royal and Stockley.

BroncosFan88 said...
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Tony said...

I would like 2 see them draft McCoy.