Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broncos sign DT Jamal Williams

Something big is coming to Denver - 348 pound former Charger DT and Pro Bowler Jamal Williams has signed with the Broncos. The contact is for 3 years, $16 million, including $7 million guaranteed, with a max value to deal over $22 million. Last year Williams only played in one game, after being placed on the injured reserve with a triceps injury. Up till that point he had previously caused extreme pain the Broncos' backfield, and every other team he faced. There is concern because of his injury-prone knee, but many fans are Very excited about this signing.
I love this signing, he is a great add, and he fits perfectly in our 3-4 defense. He's big, he can stop the run, and he has had plenty of experience. What makes me love this signing even more is how much Shawne Merriman hates it. He tweeted: "im tired of seeing of my teammates leaving San Diego." after Adam Schefter re-plyed "You don't sound very happy" Merriman tweeted back "we have to see big mall twice a year not happy at all."

Schadenfreude: (Noun) Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune.

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