Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Around the web: Broncos sign Barrett

Today, restricted free agent safety Josh Barrett re-signed with the Broncos. Solid move by Denver.

Chris Steuber of Scout.com has reported that Denver will be working out Boston College center Matt Tennant and Stanford running back Toby Gerhart. The Broncos are really in need of a center, Tennant would be a great add to the team. There isn't one person I've talked to that doesn't have positive things to say about Gerhart, weather or not Denver will get a chance to draft him is yet to be seen.As you undoubted already know, Chris Simms was released yesterday. Everybody who knew him has told me he is a Great guy. He is one of the nicest professional athletes out there. We wish him all the best.

Quinn was in Denver for just but for a few hours before he hit the weight room to begin the team's offseason conditioning program. I love everything about this kid, he sounds like a great leader.

On Monday, Brady Quinn talked to some media in Denver via phone, you can listen to the interview by clicking here. He sounds like a really classy guy.

The trade bringing quarterback Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos has seriously ramped up Broncomania talk in the Mile High City. It sure has, Brady and Quinn are the two most used words in Denver.

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post thinks very highly of Quinn, he went as far as to say; When the Broncos make their next Super Bowl appearance, the starting quarterback will be Brady Quinn. Be sure to read that link, it's a very good article.

Bronco Linebacker/Defensive End likes his bling. Early this morning NFL.com posted a video, breaking down the state of the Broncos. In the video there is a short clip from last season of Head Coach Josh McDaniels talking to Darrell Reid. Neither of them looked very happy, and Reid even rolled his eyes. I thought it was funny and took a screenshot and posted it on twitter. After he saw it, Reid tweeted back: "I Think Coach Tellin Me 2 Take My Earring Out."

Broncos' Quinn, McDaniels have common thread in Weis. In 2004, McDaniels was the New England Patriots' QB coach, where he worked directly under Weis, the team's offensive coordinator. Today, McDaniels refers to Weis as one of his mentors. After 2004, Weis went to Notre Dame, where he became the head coach, with Quinn already waiting.

We made a Facebook fanpage for Brady Quinn today. (Becoming a fan of him on Facebook
doesn't mean you don't like Orton, or you've given up on Orton.)
Become a fan of the newest member of the Bronco family!


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