Monday, March 15, 2010

Broncos cut Chris Simms

A day after Denver traded for Quarterback Brady Quinn, the club released QB Chris Simms. The 29-year old was supposed to be a great back-up quarterback for the Broncos, that didn't work out. Half-way into the season Orton was playing "So-So" not bad at all, just not very exciting. During pre-season Simms had some good games (plays). Naturally, like every good writer does, Woody Paige put two-and-two together. He verbally insulted Orton, and stated the Broncos should start Simms against the Redskins in mid-November, last season. You probably know how the rest of the story goes . . . Orton hurt his ankle, and Simms came into the game. During the second half the Broncos scored Zero points, Simms threw an interception, and Denver lost the game, to the Redskins! (The Redskins were poo last year.) The next week McDaniels didn't want to risk Orton getting hurt more, and starting Simms against the Chargers. Simms was 2-of-4 and sacked twice. The second time he was sacked he fumbled, and the Chargers ran it back for a score. After that, Josh McDaniels put a hurt Orton back into the game. At the end of 2009, Simms had earned a 15.1 Quarterback rating. Some resume huh?

The Broncos now have three quarterbacks on their roster: Orton, Quinn and second-year pro Tom Brandstater. They will all make the 53-man cut this off-season. In an interview with the DenverPost Orton had this to say:
"I do have total confidence that I'm the guy there," Orton said. "Just like every year I'm going in to try and earn my starting job. I don't think I have anything to fret."
This isn't a surprise, all of Bronco nation saw it coming. Best of luck to Simms wherever he may end up.

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