Friday, March 12, 2010

Why didn't the Broncos go after some draft picks?

A few days ago, the Broncos released Center Casey Wiegmann and Andra Davis. The Chiefs announced on Friday that they've signed Wiegmann. Which makes me ask the question, why didn't they shop him? Of course he's old, and maybe nobody would want him right? Well, the Chiefs signed him and he visited the Redskins last weekend. That's two teams, and there were probably more. Releasing him was not a good move by Josh McDaniels.

There is also Andra Davis, who is currently still unsigned. Rumors are, the Bills are interested. Davis is 31-years old, yet still has plenty left in the tank. The Broncos could have at least gotten a 7th round draft pick (the lowest pick in the draft) for both of the released players. There have been many late round draft picks that develop into stars. Receivers Donald Driver and Marques Colston were both drafted in the 7th (and last) round. Former Bronco center Tom Nalan was also a 7th round pick.

A draft pick is very valuable in today's NFL, I'm lost on why the Broncos didn't trade Wiegmann and Davis. Maybe they shopped them and nobody jumped on it, I don't think that was the case. What are your thoughts?


cliff said...

Maybe if mcD is anything like his mentor he'll trade early picks for midround picks.. this is heralded as one of the deepest drafts in a while by the way

Jon Krause said...

That wouldn't be a bad move, I wouldn't object