Monday, March 15, 2010

Brady Quinn brings change

The arrival of Brady Quinn to Denver brings a lot of baggage with it. If McDaniels makes Orton the starter there will be a QB controversy, and many fans will scream for Quinn - especially when Orton struggles. If McDaniels were to name Quinn stater even more fans would be unhappy and scream for Orton. Either way expect some unhappy fans this coming season.Quinn brings a lot things to the table that Orton does not, and many fans are ready for a change at quarterback. We have to make some site changes as well. Our former header is now out-dated. A header with Peyton Hillis smack in the center doesn't really appeal to Bronco fans so much anymore. So, we've put up a temporary header with Andre' Goodman on it. We'll have a newer one up soon, with either D.J. Williams or Brian Dawkins on it. We'll miss Hillis, and the header that had him on it. Talking about headers reminded me of our first ever header. That was a classic.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Garrett Barnes for creating our headers for us! He does an awesome job, be sure to check out his blog,!

I'm excited about Quinn (Could you tell? Three straight posts on the blog all about him.) I'm excited about the a possible QB change, and about the blogs new look.


adammackwright said...

How about a semi-permanent Darrent Williams memorial header?

Jon Krause said...

Great idea, I'll suggest that to Garrett!