Friday, March 12, 2010

Are Marcus Thomas and Jarvis Moss done in Denver?

Rumors started this afternoon, stating the Broncos are going to release DT Marcus Thomas. About an hour ago Fox 31's Josina Anderson tweeted:
"Just got off the phone with both Broncos DT Marcus Thomas, and his agent, and both say they HAVEN'T heard that Thomas has been cut at this hour."
If Thomas was released it is still to be announced, all the rumors are pure speculation. Yet, it is clear, his days are numbered as a Bronco. Although Thomas is much more athletic than many Defensive Tackles (He can do a back flip!) he only totalled 15 tackles last year, and in three years hasn't even recorded a sack. The highlights of his short stint in Denver were his two interceptions, but two good plays won't earn you a 53-man roster spot.

While we are speculating, expect Jarvis Moss to be cut sometime in the near future as well. Moss had an amazing college career, and was supposed to be the next Jason Taylor. That didn't pan out. In three years he recorded only 3.5 sacks and 24 tackles, last year he only played in 7 games, and recorded Zero tackles. The writing is on the wall, I am, like all other Bronco fans, surprised Jarvis is still even on the roster.

Check back on The Zone to see how things turn. Both players are great guys, I'll be sad to see them leave, but that's life. The Broncos' defense is getting re-vamped, and I'm excited about it.

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