Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger Blitz 4.0

This is our fourth Blogger Blitz, hence the title. I've become aware that not many Bronco fans know very much about Brady Quinn. So today, we welcome in Steve DiMatteo of He'll give you a Browns fan perspective of Brady Quinn.

Steve DiMatteo: Brady Quinn was always an enigma with the Cleveland Browns, and part of that fault lies with the team itself. He was never given a full chance to prove his worth on the football field, though some word argue that he did just enough to prove that he won’t make it in the NFL. Others would argue the exact opposite – see how polarizing this guy was? Either way, the Broncos are certainly getting an intriguing player, one who comes with the potential to be a starter, at least when he isn’t busy being injured.

Quinn’s biggest mistake with the Browns was his contract dispute when he was drafted in 2007. That allowed Derek Anderson to establish himself as the apparent starting quarterback and only left Quinn struggling to catch up. He was then subjected to a quarterback competition every subsequent year, and the lack of support from the front office and coaching staff most likely did not help against the whispers of Quinn’s lack of accuracy or strength in his arm. When he did throw the ball down field, his accuracy truly left something to be desired, but that’s simply not the kind of quarterback he is.

With the right set of receivers in place and a much more efficient offense around him, Quinn could become a much better passer. It is concerning that the Browns always seemed timid to let him throw the ball further than 10 yards but hey, Quinn’s best target last season was Mohamed Massaquoi.

Peyton Hillis will certainly have a chance to prove himself on the Browns, and his hard-nosed approach to the game will fit in nicely in a division like the AFC North, which is known for its teams having bruising running games. With the way Jerome Harrison finished the season, it will be interesting to see how the time is split, though Hillis could also find time at fullback. This is without mentioning the emerging Chris Jennings and the injured James Davis, who the Browns were very high on going into the 2009 season. The running game has suddenly found itself very crowded, but it’s a problem the Browns are glad to have.

Both Quinn and Hillis find themselves in similar situations – both are good players, but have a much better chance for success with a new team. Sometimes the best thing for a player is a change of scenery, especially after a player has fallen out of favor with a coach (Hillis) or the front office (Quinn). This might have been a tough pill for Browns fans to swallow, Quinn being a local guy and all, but in the end, this could end up being very beneficial for both teams.

Broncos Zone thanks Steve for stopping by. You can view my short bio of Hillis for Browns fans at!

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