Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broncos trying to Beef up D-Line

In 2009, Kenny Peterson, Ryan McBean, and Ronald Fields were the Broncos "starting" 3 down linemen in Denver's 3-4 defense. Fields was the only player who weighed over 300 pounds, while the 3 combined for a total of only one sack (coming from Peterson). It was obvious the Broncos needed some big time help in the trenches. Today the Broncos hosted DT Jamal Williams and defensive end Jarvis Green. (Green has since signed.) This off-season the Broncos have also hosted Dwan Edwards and Justin Bannan (Bannan like Green has signed with Denver.) Charger Defensive Tackel Jamal Williams weighs in at 348 pounds, former Raven DE Bannan comes in at 310, and Dwan Edwards is just 10 pounds short of 300.

It's apparent Josh McDaniels and "Wink" Martindale value size in defensive linemen, as almost every team does. In a 3-4 it is vital to have some big men up front if you hope to have success. That is why Suh is valued so high in the draft. The Broncos really need help on the D-Line, and I'm glad the team is addressing the areas where they need depth.

While you may be fighting an extra 10 pounds so you can look good this summer, the Broncos are looking for that extra 10 pounds in defensive players. If you're 300+ pounds, don't be ashamed, contact the Broncos!

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