Thursday, March 18, 2010

Media Day at Dove Valley

Today, QB Brady Quinn, and LB's Wesley Woodyard and Robert Ayers talked to the Media at Dove Valley. Here is a short summary of what the players had to say:
  • Robert Ayers said he wants to focus on his strengths, not his weaknesses. When asked about if he is prepared to be a 3-down guy now that Andra Davis is gone, his response was: "Regardless one who's on the team, I was working my hardest anyways, to get better." Ayers also said he doesn't have a weight issue, if he "gains or loses a few pounds, that's okay." You can watch his full interview here.

  • Wesley Woodyard only had positive things to say about new defensive coordinator Don Martindale. "He's a good player's coach he's smart," Said Woodyard. "He's always the last one in the meeting rooms, he's always a 100% whatever he's doing. He's one of those coaches you always wanna have on your team." Woodyard went on to say the defense's new attitude will be 'Attack.' When asked about his weight, Wesley said the Broncos want him to "stay around 230-235 [pounds]." (He weighed in at 228 Lbs last season.) You can watch his full press conference here.

  • The main attraction of the day was QB Brady Quinn. The newest Bronco sounded very happy to be in Denver, saying "It's been great coming into an organization like Denver, I couldn't be any happier or thankful and fortunate." He then went on to praise the Broncos' Owner, Coaches, and "Great" players. He joked that the only tough adjustment had been the altitude, and that at times it was hard getting up stairs. He had plenty more to say, and answered many questions, you can watch it all here.

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