Monday, October 5, 2009

On Top Of The World!

After starting 4-0, the Denver Broncos are on top of the NFL Media World. The Broncos jumped right up with the Colts, Giants, Saints, and Vikings after yesterdays game. All I can say is, In your face John Clayton! And fans, enjoy while it last.

Deion Sanders says Brandon Marshall is out of the dog house. Tim Gardner of USA Today, also has some things to say about Brandon. Also, Brian Dawkins made the cover of USA Today! While Michael Silver has the Yahoo! NFL sports page cover story, on the Broncos. And, Bill Williamson of ESPN got the ESPN's NFL cover story, that was also on the Broncos. And puts in it's two cents. Also, set up the site really cool in honor of the old Yeller, and Brown colors. Check it out! Great game, Go Broncos!!!

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