Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maybe MCD Is Not A Stupid Jerk Face??

This off-season Pat Bowlen fired Head Coach Mile Shanahan. And many Bronco fans (me among them) were furious. Then he hired new Coach Josh McDaniels, and I didn't really know what to think of him. Then he made a few mistakes (I think Bronco fans could name a few) and then Marshall demanded a trade, because McDaniels would not give him a new contract. I personally thought McDaniels was a stupid jerk face at the time, and I figured our season was done. McDaniels then suspended Marshall for acting like a jerk at practice. Since then Marshall has been a new person and player, scoring in the Broncos past two games. And making a huge play against the Cowboys best DB Newman for 51 yards. And the Broncos have started 4-0. Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all. Of course Kyle Orton won't be able scramble like our old QB,

and he does not have about 1,000 yards, or 10 touchdowns (JC does). But something he does not have is an interception, Cutler has 5, Cutler has also been sacked 8 times, Orton has been sacked 6 times. Kyle has 906 yards, 5 TD's and a 97.7 rating! Of course Orton does not always make great plays, and seems kind dumb sometimes, but I'll take no picks and wins any day. And how about that 'D' in Denver!! In the end I think things have worked out pretty good for everybody (yes it is only going into week 5, and I could be totally wrong) but right now McDaniels is not on my jerk list.

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