Sunday, October 4, 2009

More On The Game:

The Dallas Cowboys came to Invesco Filed @ Mile High with a 2-1 record while the Broncos were looking to go to 4-0. From the start it didn't look like the Broncos would be able to stay undefeated. The let up 10 points, while the offense looks horrific. Orton was not throwing very good balls, and he was sacked 3 times. But in the second quarter the Broncos (defence) came to life. Renaldo Hill came on a blitz and sacked Romo, Tony fumbled and D.J. Williams returned into the red zone. Then a few plays later Kyle Orton hit rookie Knowshon Moreno for a touchdown. After that our 'D' was on fire. Later in the game McDaniels made a decision to go for it on 4th and short instead of take an easy field goal. The score then 10-7, Cowboys leading. But McDaniels must have had faith in his 'D' because drive after drive in the second half they delivered. Romo was sacked 5 times, twice by Elvis Dumervil. And apparently Romo did not get the memo, You Don't Throw To Champ Bailey! But he did, and Champ feasted on it. Getting his first pick of the year, and breaking up a pass to the end zone on fourth and goal for the Cowboys. With the game tied 10-10 after a Pratter field goal the 'D' held, and our 'O' was driving. Then, well just watch the vid:(More Video Highlights coming) After that and a defensive stand the Broncos moved to 4-0! World, the Denver Broncos are for real. And we'll what they can do next week at home against the Patriots. View Many More Great Game Photos On Our Facebook page!

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