Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NFL Tweets:

It's been a bit since I last posted NFL Tweets, so here we go:
MHR has Potent Quotables.
PFT: Cowboys really are 'America's Team'.
NFL: Lot's on NFL news on NFLN tonight.
NFL: 'Dive inside every match-up,
including Josh McDaniels' 4-0 Broncos vs Pats.'
Wesley Woodyard wishes he had a wife to rub is back.
Frank Schwab RT's on Orton coments, and Eddie's slow start.
BT, Injury report.
Denver Post, Tom Brady says he'll help the Pat's 'D' upset Josh.
Brady also said that throwing to Champ Bailey wasn't smart at all, really?
The Mighty MJD show's two hold-outs who had success, and two who didn't.
Frank Schwab reports the runningback situation (Bucky probably won't be able to go Sunday).
NFL_Football reports, John Lynch knows what wrong with your favorite team.

That's all the tweets for now, be sure to follow us @YourBroncosZone!

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