Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some quick updates....

Tatum Bell said his a resent press conference: “I’m humbled, I didn’t think I was going to get another chance, to be honest. I thanked coach [Mike] Shanahan for giving me this chance. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll play special teams. I’ll play center. I’ll do whatever it takes to help the Denver Broncos win.” -Bell
Denver waived Glenn Martinez to make room on the roster for Tatum.

Brady back working out in Patriots' training room
Romo appears ready to return Sunday
Bucs' Williams 'ready to roll' after 13 months on sidelines

Tatum Bell will wear #40 for the Broncos Sunday.


Jon Krause said...

You may be wondering why did he pick #40!?
Well, the only numbers the NFL would allow him to wear that were available were: #27(Darrent Williams number), #29 (Nash's number),40 (which he picked), 44, 45, 47 (John Lynch's number) and # 49.
Which would you have picked?

Jon Krause said...

*Jack Williams owns his former #26 jersey.*