Thursday, November 13, 2008

Atlanta, and back again...

We all know Jason Elam was a Denver Bronco for 15 years, and is now a Falcon. But not many people know that Matt Prater was a Falcon, or where and how we got him.

Elam was drafted by the Broncos in 1993, and the rest is history. He was "Mr. Clutch" since the day he was born. He's owns (well he's tied for) the longest field goal in NFL history - 63 yards. The 3-time pro-bowler as owns 2 Super Bowl rings. This year is 19-21 filed goals for Atlanta. He has made 414 field goals, 623 extra points, and 76 touch backs. Denver will never see a kicker like him again.

On the other hand, Matt was not always a "Clutch" kicker as he is already often referred to now. Prater *Pray-ter* not *Pratter* entered the NFL in 2006, the Lions got him as a collage free agent. He made it all the way through training camp, but then was waived on August 28th. In 2007 he entered the season with the Dolphins, but then was cut. Then he was off to Atlanta, where he was 1-2. Atlanta waived him, then he was back to Miami, only now on the practice squad. Then on December 19th the Broncos got their hands on him. And made him the kick-off guy. This past off-season Jason left, and the Broncos called on Matt. This season he has made 16-of-19 fields. He is 5-5 on field goals 50 yards or longer. And he leads the NFL with 17 kick-offs going for touch backs. He had HUGE shoes to fill, and he filled 'em.

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