Saturday, September 27, 2008

What goes on in their heads:

Here is what teams think when playing Mike Shanahan's Offense:

Before play:
Head Coach: "that 'O' line is killing us! Why can't our 'D' line get some pressure on Jay!"
MLB: "we stopped them on the 2, we can hold...just two more plays."
S: "keep an eye on 15, Eddie too, Tony may do an out..."
DE: Gotta watch the sweep, Selvin can really hit that corner. And, 23, he could go right up the middle. He can really smash."
CB: Watch the pass, Cutler could sneek, what if they run outside, I need to come up and help the run. But watch out for a boot..."
DT: "22 run a few times, they may just give him a dive, or they could run out-side. Pass is a possiblity too, since our DB's are getting killed..."
During play:
DT/DE: "oh stink, I forgot about Pittman..."

Pictured above DT/DE circled (ap)

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