Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broncos 39 Chargers 38!

Two weeks, two wins, 80 points, 10 Touchdowns. You. Can't. Stop. Mike. Shanahn's. Denver. Broncos. Offense.
It was 4th and goal, on San Diego's 4 yard line. Casey snapped the ball to Jay, he had time, stepped up and threw a TD pass to Eddie Royal! It was 37-38, and an extra point would tie the game! But then Jay looked at the team and put up two fingers. Coach Shanny then did the same. Jay got the snap in shot-gun, a fired a ball to Eddie Royal, and he caught it! The score was 39-38 Denver! With about 30 seconds on the clock the Broncos kicked it off. The Chargers got to about the 45 yard line in a few plays. Then with 6 seconds left, Phillis (who is still very mad about the whole balloon drama)chucked the ball as far as he could, and in the end zone McCree batted it down with no time left. After the game in a press conference Coach Shanahan said this about Jay's two point conversion: "had a gut to go for it,"
The game was up and down with crazy calls (luckily for us) but it was a great one. Brandon Marshall (who I started on my fantasy team) had 18 catches for 166 yards and a TD. His 18 catches broke Rod Smith's record for most catches in a game. Jay (who I also started on my team) had another great week. (Apart from his very depressing INT) He was 36 of 50 passes for 350 yards! And 4 touchdowns! He was wicked. Pittman got his third rushing TD of the year on a one yard dive into the end zone. Selvin had the most rushing yards for the Broncos with 78. Tony Scheffler (who I was so fortunate to also have as starting for my fantasy team. Had 6 catches for 64 yards, and 2 touchdowns catches. Matt Prater was 1-1 on field goals nailing a 52 yarder. Champ Bailey had 6 tackles and one pick, he actually stole the ball from the receiver (which would be a fumble) but it is in the stats as a INT.
The game was INCREDIBLE!
Check out tomorrow for a complete review of the game.
As promissed in the LIVE blog photos are coming...very soon.
Here is a vidoe from Broncos 39, Cgargers 38

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